Dr N Ravichandran Chairperson to the Academic Advisory Board

Dr N Ravichandran is the Chairman of the Academic Advisory Board at JG University. Apart from his contributions to JG University he is renowned Professor at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) in the areas of Operation Management and Quantitative Techniques. Adding to his impressive resume he holds a PhD from Indian Institute of Technology. Dr N Ravichandran has formerly served as Director of the Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIMI) where he flagged the prestigious Five-year Integrated Management Programme.



Dr Kavita Kshatriya I/C Registrar & Director

Dr Kavita Kshatriya is Director of School of Management and College of Liberal Studies, Prior to this she has functioned as Head of Department at GLS University. Dr Kavita has a total of 24 years of experience. Out of which 4 years has been in corporate field in senior management capacity. She has more than 20 years of academic experience as of date. Her area of interest includes subjects like Retailing, Integrated Marketing Communication, Services Relationship Marketing, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. Dr Kavita has also published and presented more than fifty research papers in national and international journals and conference.



Mr. Anant Gijare Director of Emerging Technology

Mr. Anant Gijare has 30+ years of experience in automation and information systems and academic experience in emerging technologies, cloud computing, IoT, Machine learning, and Industry 4.0. Mr. Gijare has completed mentor courses at Harvard Business School in Strategy Planning and Execution, Change management and Coaching. Mr.Gijare is a certified professional in Industry 4.0, Project Risk, Digital Transformation, Solution Architect, BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence and SEO Analyst. Mr. Gijare has received recognition as a “Bravo”, “Blue razor warrior” from IBM and “Change Champion” from Adani Group.


Mr. Sathish Narayanan Director of digital transformation

Mr. Sathish Narayanan is a visionary leader with 23+ years of notable contribution in the entire gamut of delivering executive-level consulting to service & manufacturing organizations. Mr. Narayanan’s areas of expertise are Supply chain COE, Manufacturing Excellence – ZERO Loss/ ZERO Waste/ ZERO Inefficiencies, Organizational Excellence – People Capability/Talent Development/ Coaching, Data Analysis – Minitab/ Value stream mapping, DNA – Distributor Network Analysis/ Network Design and more. Mr. Narayanan has also been rewarded with the prestigious Shell “Role Model Award”, “LSS Leadership Award”, and Wow “Leadership Award” with Intuit Inc.


Dr. Mayank Patel (Associate Professor in FinTech & Financial services)

Dr. Mayank Patel has 21+ years of experience in Banking, Financial Services, Technology Business Incubation, and Academics. Mr. Patel is a distinguished academician with subjects of interest are Financial Markets, Behavioral Finance, Risk Management, and Quantitative methods. Mr. Patel’s broad areas of expertise include FinTech, Investment Research, Corporate Finance, and Financial Derivatives. Mr. Patel apart from being an avid supporter of start-ups, is a keen follower of geopolitics, political economy, and development in education.


Thomas Robin

Thomas Robin Faculty of Industrial IoT

Mr. Robin is an alumnus of the University of Greenwich, London, and a post-graduate in Embedded Systems Engineering. Mr. Robin has previously managed the engineering department responsible for the design, development, validation, and production for support of electronic hardware assemblies, embedded, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) hardware. Mr. Robin has designed innovative products that are scalable and adaptable and has10+ years of experience in IIOT Hardware Technology.


Dr. Yugank Goyal Faculty of Liberal Studies

Dr. yugank Goyal is a founding member of Indian Association of Law & Economics. He has done Ph.D in Law and Economics from University of Hamburg as well as from different other universities. Along with being a faculty at JGUNI and an associate professor at OP Jindal Global University, he is a adjunct faculty at Harvard Law school, IIM A, IIM K, Vedic Scholars Delhi, JKL University Jaipur and Flame University.

Dr. Yugank Goyal has many of his publications under Journal Articles, Working Papers, Book Chapters, Book Reviews, Various Educational Books, and Reports and Government Projects. He has also received some prestigious honors, including the Financing for Development Award, World Bank, 2015, Teaching Excellence Award 2012 and Research Excellence Award 2012 by OP Jindal Global University.


Ms. Munmun Bhagat Faculty for IBA

Ms. Munmun Bhagat holds a master's degree in computer engineering. She has 7 years of expertise as a Data Science consultant and trainer in Pune. Over the years, she has also worked on a number of industrial projects.


Professor Thirukkumaran R Faculty for Iiot

Dr. Thirukkumaran R has over 25+ years of experience Industry in IT-Teaching-Training-Research-Consultancy. He has obtained his Ph.D., in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). He is also a Professor and Head (R&D), IIoT CoE at Chools Group in Bengaluru in addition to being a Professor at JG University. He is also having strong research expertise in the areas of Wireless Network, WSN, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, IoT, Industry 4.0 and 75 Students' Satellites Mission 2022! He's also a prolific researcher and writer in the field of data science/ML/information technology etc.


Mr. G Pardha Sagar Faculty for DS, AI-ML & DL

Mr. G Pardha Sagar has completed his masters in Engineering. He is a highly skilled data scientist and machine learning developer with a demonstrated ability to deliver valuable insights from data. Experienced at creating production ready models AI applications using various data exploration techniques and machine learning algorithms. He 11+ years of industrial experience in various other field such as Apex, Visual Force, SOQL, SOSL, service cloud implementation, etc.


Dr. Priyanka Talukdar Faculty of International Business Analytics and Data Science

Dr. Priyanka Talukdar holds a PhD in statistics. She has been working in the field for more than five years. She teaches at Karimganj College in Assam in addition to JG University. She has also worked as a research scholar in statistics. She has a strong background in statistical techniques for data analysis, analytical tools like SPSS, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Curve Expert, etc., and programming languages like C, R, etc. She has published articles in international journals.