Arati Pravinchandra Shah

Dr. Aarti Shah School of Commerce

Dr. Aarti shah is a Ph.D holder. Apart from being a Statistics faculty at JG University, she has worked with other institutions and colleges and has an overall experience of 27 years in teaching.

Jokhi Delnaz Marzun

Dr. Delnaz Jokhi School of Commerce

Dr. Delnaz Jokhi is a Ph.D holder in Commerce Stream and has 19 years of teaching experience. She is an associate professor at JG group of Colleges. Her doctoral research is an interdisciplinary study titled ‘Revealing the Impact of the Demographic Transition on Economic Growth and the Stock Market of India in the Post Liberalization Era’. She has also published many other research papers in the field of Statistics. She has keen knowledge in subjects like Statistics and Operations Research, Business Research Methods etc.

Kataria Dhaval Bhupendra

Dr. Dhaval Kataria School of Commerce

Dr. Dhaval Kataria is an experienced academician with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. He is skilled in Interdisciplinary Teaching, Translation Studies, Soft Skills, Language Learning, Culture, Innovation and Startup ideas. He is also an Entrepreneur and a Fashion Influencer.

Prof. Dinesh Patel

Prof. Dinesh Patel School of Commerce

Prof. Dinesh Patel is a PhD Scholar and an Assistant Professor of Economics at JG College of Commerce. He has 12 years of teaching experience and has published research papers and books in the areas of economics. He has interest in teaching subjects like Economics, International Economics, Financial Economics, Public Finance, etc.

Dr. Hitesh Harwani

Dr. Hitesh Harwani School of Management

Dr. Hitesh Harwani holds a Ph.D degree and is an assistant professor at JG Institute of Business Administration. He has 16 years of teaching experience and a deep knowledge in finance related subjects including Growth and Structure of Industries, Fundamentals of Financial Management, Business Environment, Mercantile Law, Industrial and Labour Law, Strategic Management, Advanced Financial Management, etc.

Harshil Trivedi

CA CPA Harshil Trivedi School of Commerce

Harshil Trivedi is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Public Accountant from the USA. He has worked with renowned firms like Deloitte and MBAF (Currently known as “BDO”). He is the co-founder of Phoenix Institute. Apart from being a faculty at JG University and Phoenix Institute, he has taken lectures at various levels. He has been teaching US CPA and US CMA to various professionals since 2017.

Jaydeepsinh Rathod

Prof. Jaydeepsinh Rathod School of Computing

Prof. Jaydeepsinh Rathod holds a master degree in Information Technology and is an assistant professor at JG College of Computer Science. He has 11 years of teaching experience. He is also keen on conducting workshops to provide knowledge to students on topics that are related to computer applications. Apart from being a part of academics, he is also part of extra activities like Green, Safe and clean campus. He is into research development and has written papers on relevant topics. He has good tracking skills for subjects like Cloud Computing, Search Engine Optimization, Web-based technologies, Mobile Technologies, Open Source Technologies with CMS, Data Analytics.

Aggarwal Jigar Omprakash

Dr. Jigar Aggarwal School of Commerce

Dr. Jigar Aggarwal is B.Com, M.Com, MPhil and a Ph.D holder. He is an associate professor of accountancy at JG group of colleges. Apart from having 21 years of teaching experience, he is also a research guide and has published research papers. He is also a guest lecturer in different colleges and universities. He has a keen interest in teaching in the area of accounting including subjects like Accountancy, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, Auditing, Management Accounting, etc.

Dr. Megha Bhatt

Dr. Megha Bhatt School of Commerce

Dr. Megha Bhatt is a Ph.D holder and currently is an assistant professor of Economics at JG group of colleges. She has around 20 years of teaching experience and has also published many papers in the field of Economics and have been rewarded for the same. She also wrote many books on economic topics. She has a keen knowledge in subjects like Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics, Business Economics, Industrial Economics, etc.

Minnie Mattheew

Dr. Minnie Mattheew School of Commerce

Dr. Minnie Mattheew is Ph.D qualified and Director of JG Institute of English and Professional Studies. She has worked as a teacher for 24 years, and throughout that time, she has produced a number of publications. She is also invited to judge many extracurricular and curricular activities at various colleges and institutions. She has authored a few books in the field of literature. Additionally, she was honoured and given the coveted Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020.

Mona Shah

Dr. Mona Shah School of Computing

Dr. Mona Shah is a Ph.D in Computer Science and is an assistant professor at JG group of Colleges. She has 17 years of total teaching experience. Handles multiple subjects like Statistical Method, Data Structure Practical, Programming in C,OSOA Practical,Advanced C Language,FOS,OOCP, Database Administration, DBMS-II,Data mining and Data warehouse, Linux scripting prcatical, Internet and HTML practical, Dynamic HTML etc.

Prof. Namika Patel

Dr. Namika Patel School of Management

Dr. Namika Patel is a Ph.D scholar and principal of school of management, JG group of colleges. She has overall experience of 20 years in the field of teaching. She has expertise in subjects like Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Advanced Human Resource Management. She is also an active member of groups for curriculum development. Apart from being an academician, she is also involved in extracurricular activities conducted on different levels.

Prof. Niku Brahmbhatt

Prof. Niku Brahmbhatt School of Computing

Prof. Niku Brahmbhatt holds a master degree in Computer Applications and is an assistant professor at JG group of colleges. She has to total 22 years of teaching experience. She has a expertise teaching in subjects like OSOA, HTML, DHTML, DBMS-I, COAM, DS, OOCP using C++, Fundamentals of Operating System,Core Java,Web Application Development-I using C#Software Testing.

Prof. Nirali Kansara

Prof. Nirali Kansara School of Computing

Prof. Nirali Kanasara holds a bachelors and master's degree in computer application. Has 12 years of experience in the teaching field. She has a expertise in subjects like C++, C#.Net, VB. Net, Computer Network, Intro. Emerging Technologies, HTML, DBMS, E-Commerce , Software Testing, MS Office.

Dr. Pratik Darji

Dr. Pratik Darji School of Management

Dr. Pratik Darji holds a Ph.D in Management and is already a professor at JG group of colleges. He has had around 10 years of teaching experience and has a vast knowledge in subjects like Forms of Business Organisation, Marketing Management, Indian Financial System, International Business, Production and Operation Management, Advanced Marketing Management, Research Methodology etc.

Dr. S Pushpalatha

Dr. S Pushpalatha School of Computing

Dr. Pushpalatha S is currently associated with JG College of Computer Applications, Ahmedabad as a Director. Having 18+ years of academic experience in post-graduation and under-graduation levels. Completed Ph.D in the area of Machine Learning with various research paper publications which are indexed in SCOPUS and SCI journals. Trained post-graduate students to meet industrial demands for their final placement in top MNCs. Area of interest includes Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Web Designing and Open-source Technologies with its framework. Passionate to learn and acquire knowledge in upcoming technologies.

Dr. Sanjay Christian

Dr. Sanjay Christian School of Management

Dr. Sanjay Earnest Christian (B.Sc., M.Sc., M. Phil and Ph.D.) is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at JG Institute of Business Administration, an experienced and accomplished educator with 15 years of dedicated experience in teaching the subject of Statistics to UG students (B. Com, B.Sc., Pharmacy (Bio-Statistics), BBA, BCA) and PG students (Ayurveda). His passion for teaching Statistics and Data Analysis has driven him to contribute significantly to the academic community through his research papers and presentations. His research covers diverse topics, such as Statistical Quality Control, Acceptance Sampling, Hypothesis Testing and more


CA Parag SoniSchool of Commerce

With over 17 years of experience, CA Parag Soni is a practicing chartered accountant. He has a total of 19 years of teaching experience, including courses in management accounting, financial accounting, taxation, and more. He has published newsletters and books on taxation in addition to his work as an academic.


Ar. Drumil Gajjar School of Interior Design

Ar. Drumil is Masters in Furniture Design from Florence, Italy. Currently, Apart from being Interior Design Faculty at JG University, He is practicing as an architect and Graduated from Indus University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in 2017. Every nice creation starts with imagination followed by dedication and Architecture has given him the freedom to think beyond imagination and express his ideas by creating a world with the fact of reality. He is an architect and persuaded specialization in furniture design from Florence Institute of Design International, Italy. His exposure to Spain, Morocco, Bhutan, and Italy has led him to focus on elevating human senses through Space design. He has worked as a project architect on a few projects based in Gujarat and is currently in the transit of setting up his own practice. He also did workshops in rammed earth architecture in Morocco as well as in Spain in 2016. In interiors, his focus inclines towards the details of a product or furniture aiming at finesse towards execution.


Dr. Urvi Gajjar School of Commerce

Dr. Urvi Gajjar holds a Ph.D degree. She has around 6 years of experience in teaching in subjects like accounting and auditing. She is also an assistant professor at JG group of colleges.

Vaibhav Shah

Dr. Vaibhav Shah School of Management

Dr. Vaibhav Shah holds a Ph.D in Statistics and has done his M. Phil and M.Sc. in Statistics. He has 22 years of experience and expertise in teaching subjects like quantitative aptitude and techniques, operation research, mathematics, statistics, google data studio, data analytics, and Bio-Statistics. He has been a faculty member with ICAI, ICSI, and K S School of Management teaching professional students application-based use of mathematical and statistical tools. He has a keen interest in research and has multiple presentations and publications to his credit.

Deuskar Vishwa Ajit

Dr. Vishwa Deuskar School of Commerce

Dr. Vishwa Deuskar holds a Ph.D degree and teaches accounting and management related subjects at the university. She has published different research papers and has been a part of the teaching team for the past 6 years.

Prof. Pavan Dhodia

Prof. Pavan Dhodia School of Commerce

Prof. Pavan Dhodia is a distinguished professional with a master's degree in commerce, coupled with a commendable six years of experience in the field. His educational background has equipped him with a strong foundation in commerce, while his extensive work experience has allowed him to develop practical skills and insights into the industry.

Dr. Vishvas Shah

Dr. Vishvas Shah School of Commerce

Dr. Vishvas Shah is an accomplished individual in the field of education, possessing a Ph.D in accountancy. With several years of experience in the industry, he has made significant contributions to the field. In addition to his doctorate, Dr. Shah holds a Masters degree in commerce, further enhancing his expertise in the subject. He also has a good command on Direct and Indirect Tax, adding depth to his knowledge and skills. His academic achievements are not limited to his degrees as he has also written several noteworthy papers in the field of commerce.

Diwakar Kumar

Mr. Diwakar Kumar School of Management

Mr. Diwakar Kumar has submitted his Ph.D. thesis at the Centre for Studies in Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy at the Central University of Gujarat. He is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse educational background. Having obtained a MA degree in Tribal Law and Governance from the Central University of Jharkhand and an M.Phil. in Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy from the Central University of Gujarat, he has expertise in Public Policy, Science, Technology, and Society Studies, Rural Sociology, Agricultural Innovations in food production in the era of climate change, Extension Education a tool for Public Engagement in Science and Technology, Sociology of Science an approach to solve the present challenges related to livelihood generation and natural resource management.

Manali Jain

Prof. Manali Jain School of Management

Prof. Manali Jain is a Ph.D. scholar specializing in commerce. With a Master's degree in commerce and over 5 years of teaching experience, she possesses a strong foundation in the field. Her expertise lies in finance, strategic management, investment, and insurance, offering a wide range of knowledge and insights to her students and colleagues. Prof. Jain's educational background, combined with her practical experience, enables her to provide valuable guidance in the key areas of finance with management.

Hardik Panchmatia

CS. Hardik Panchmatia School of Management

CS. Hardik Panchmatia, a Ph.D. scholar, holds multiple degrees in management, commerce, and law. He started his journey in academics at IIMA and has experience of working as an Academic Associate for over 4 years. He is a qualified CS and serves as a faculty at JG University, where he imparts knowledge on various diverse fields. Additionally, he shares his expertise as a visiting faculty at several other esteemed colleges and institutes.

Prof. Nilesh Taware

Prof. Nilesh Taware School of Computing

Prof. Nilesh Taware is a highly skilled professional with a Master's degree in Computer Applications and over 12 years of experience in the same field. His expertise encompasses a range of subjects, including Android, UI Development, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Java, PHP, HTML5, and Bootstrap.

Dr. Niki Sharma

Dr. Niki Sharma School of Management

Dr. Niki Sharma holds a Ph.D. degree in Commerce, supplemented by her successful completion of her Masters in Commerce and clearing the GSET exam. With over five years of dedicated teaching experience, she serves as a prominent faculty member at JG University. Beyond her role at the university, she has held esteemed positions at various other institutes and universities. Notably, her contributions include impactful research papers focused on GST and the Indian Economy, further enriching her impressive qualifications.

Prof. Meenaxi Malla

Prof. Meenaxi Malla School of Computing

With a master's degree in Computer Application, Prof. Meenaxi boasts more than 3 years of extensive experience in the field. Her proficiency spans across Technical Analysis, Cyber Security and web development. Beyond her role as a faculty member at JG University, she has garnered awards from various other institutions. Notably, she has been honored as a Woman of Special Recognition and proudly serves as a Country Ambassador for the Japan Youth Summit.

Prof. Menka Lilani

Prof. Menka Lilani School of Computing

Prof. Menka Lilani holds a master degree in Computer Application and Master of Business in IT. She has over 5 years of teaching experience in the same field. Apart from being a faculty member at JG University, she has already been a faculty member at another prestigious university. She has her expertise in subjects like Web technology(HTML,CSS, Javascript), DBMS, RDBMS, PHP, software Project Management, and Information Security.

Prof. Hetal Gadhavi

Prof. Hetal Gadhavi Librarian

Prof. Hetal Gadhavi is a dedicated Ph.D. Scholar and holds a master's degree in Library and Information Science, along with a PGDCA. She has been honored with a gold medal for achieving the top position in the university. With over 9 years of comprehensive experience, she has skillfully led as the Head of the Library Department. Her academic endeavors also encompass research paper authorship, delving into topics such as Academic Library Functions in research and Reference Management Software Tools. Her unwavering commitment to library management and inspiring students and youth to embrace reading establishes her as an exemplary role model.

Prof. Janvi Solanki

Prof. Janvi Solanki School of Computing

Prof. Janvi Solanki holds a master degree in Computer Applications. Her expertise are in the subjects like Web Design Technologies, Python Programming, Network & Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Big Data Tools.She is also a Infosys certified ITIL Foundation Associate, ServiceNow Administrator, Python Associate.

Prof. Shreya Pota

Prof. Shreya Pota School of Computing

Prof. Shreya Pota is a Ph.D. scholar who holds master's degrees in both performing arts and commerce, with a specialization in statistics. With over five years of valuable teaching experience, she has established herself as an expert in her field. In addition to her current position as a faculty member at JG University, Prof. Shreya has also contributed her expertise to other prestigious institutions and universities, further enhancing her reputation as an accomplished educator.

Prof. Shreyas Trivedi

Prof. Shreyas Trivedi School of Computing

Prof. Shreyas is a proficient Front End Developer skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and ReactJS, with a foundation in Python. With a portfolio of successful web projects, Excelling in creating user-friendly and visually appealing websites, Prof. Shreyas is dedicated to staying updated with industry trends and is a valuable asset for any team as in JG University.

Prof. Jaini Shah

Prof. Jaini Shah School of Management

Prof. Jaini Shah is a dedicated and accomplished scholar currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Accountancy at Gujarat University, building upon a strong academic foundation. Holding a Master's degree in Commerce, she has not only excelled in her studies but has also proven her expertise by qualifying for the UGC NET in Commerce, showcasing her commitment to academic excellence. Driven by her passion for research, she has contributed significantly to the field, with her research papers published in reputed UGC CARE journals. Her active engagement in the academic community is further demonstrated by her participation in conferences, where she presented two insightful papers, enriching the discourse on her chosen subject matter. Jaini Shah experience as an Assistant Professor at various universities underscores her pedagogical prowess and her ability to impart knowledge effectively.

Prof. Sanjana Jayswal

Prof. Sanjana Jayswal School of Computing

Prof. Sanjana Jayswal holds a master degree in computer application from Nirma University, earning distinctions in her studies. During her time at Nirma University, she served as a placement coordinator. Prof. Sanjana also gained valuable experience as an RPA Developer at Adani Group, demonstrating proficiency in HTML, JavaScript, database management, web development, and Robotic Process Automation.

Prof. Afsar Mohammad

Prof. Afsar Mohammad School of Engineering

Prof. Afsar Mohammed holds a master's in science with physics as a major from IIT-Jodhpur, where he completed his Master's project in Computational Physics. With a wealth of expertise in data science, coding, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, he has become a notable figure in these fields. Additionally, he is the recipient of a certificate in Full Stack Data Science with Python, which was awarded by the MSME Technology Development Center.

Prof. Kartik Mundra

Prof. Kartik Mundra School of Management

Prof. Kartik Mundra is a Ph.D Scholar and holds a master's degree in commerce and in business administration, accumulating over 13 years of extensive teaching experience. In addition to his teaching background, he possesses valuable business experience that enhances his depth of knowledge. Apart from being a distinguished faculty member at JG University, he imparts his knowledge and expertise at various esteemed educational institutions. He also has been awarded as THE BEST FACULTY from other prestigious institutes. His areas of specialization encompass Economics, Strategic Communication, Entrepreneurship, Principles of Management, Human Resource Management.

Prof. Kartik Mundra

Prof. Krupa Dalwadi School of Computing

Prof. Krupa Dalwadi holds a master's degree in Computer Application, possessing diverse technical expertise encompassing languages such as C, C++, CSS, XML, JavaScript, HTML, Linux Shell Script and WordPress, along with proficiency in OOP, SDLC, XAMPP, VSCode, and jQuery. In addition to her role as a faculty member at JG University, she has also served as faculty at other esteemed universities, showcasing her versatility and contribution to academia across other institutions.

Prof. Kartik Mundra

Prof. Nil Mevada School of Computing

Prof. Nil Mevada, holds a master's degree in Computer Science within the IT field, possesses a diverse skill set including proficiency in MySQL, SQLite, Firebase, Kotlin, Dart, Swift, Python, Flutter, and ReactNative, demonstrating his versatility in various technologies. He has actively contributed to projects such as e-commerce apps, showcasing his practical experience alongside his academic background. In addition to his tenure as a faculty member at JG University, he has also held positions at other reputable university, highlighting his commitment to advancing education across different institutions.

Prof. Divyesh Vala

Prof. Divyesh Vala School of Aviation & Hospitality

Prof. Jayesh Nair

Prof. Jayesh Nair School of Aviation & Hospitality

Prof. Sumit Bhat

Prof. Sumit Bhat School of Engineering

Prof. Divyesh Vala

Prof. Vikas Shukla School of Engineering

Prof. Rajeshsingh Rajput

Prof. Rajeshsingh Rajput School of Aviation & Hospitality

Prof. Gaurav Brahmbhatt

Prof. Gaurav Brahmbhatt School of Aviation & Hospitality

Prof. Purvi Panchal

Prof. Purvi Panchal School of Aviation & Hospitality

Prof. Rima Shah

Prof. Rima Shah School of Aviation & Hospitality