Course Commencement

Course Commencement

2023-24 Academic Year



B.Design - 3 Years

B.Design (Hons) - 4 Years



Qualified class 12 in any discipline

B.Design - Interior

Interior Designing is an integral knowledge that deals with designing of Interior Built Spaces. It is the art and science that deals with space planning within the building with appropriate synergy to cater to the purpose, anthropometrics, ergonomics, aesthetics, balance between natural and artificial resources etc. to suit the user. Such Space planning may relate to a place where we live, work, spend time with family & friends and relax should be an expression of our personality, highlighted by the talents of the interior designer.

JG University's Bachelor of Interior Design is a four-years, eight-semesters programme (As per NEP 2020, a student can take an exit after third year with BBA Degree) where you can create magic with spaces,understand the Design language and bring about an aesthetic revolution to your spaces. This advanced course is specially designed to allow students to have an in-depth understanding of working with spaces, new technologies and to impart business skills to venture further into the world of interiors.


Our Knowledge Partner

Amor Design Institute

Amor Design Institute was founded in the year 2000. It serves as a training center for Fashion Design, interior design and jewellery design streams. Amor Design Institute is an academic partner of JG University for Bachelor of Design (Hons) programme, which is designed to offer in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience through several carefully chiseled modules in each area of Fashion Design and Interior Design.

JG University and Amor Design Institute are jointly committed to boost the fashion and interior design industries with a dynamic and energising force that is outfitted with industry-ready curricula.


Fee Structure


Tuition Fee Per Semester

₹ 1,10,000/- (One Lakh Ten Thousand Only)


The students seeking admission in B.Design|B.Design (Hons) shall have passed the HSC examination (10+2) or equivalent from a recognized board

The candidate must have obtained the following minimum aggregate marks (grand total)

For open category candidates 45%

For reserved category candidates 40%


Programme Highlights


Programme designed as per National Education Policy 2020


Experiential learning through Industrial internships, boot camps and workshops


Practical-based and project-based teaching methodology


Training by architects in an Integrated design studio


Computer aided- digital visualization


CAD- 2D, 3D designing and Rendering


Continuous mentoring of students for career advancement


Focus on summative assessment i.e. Continuous evaluation to monitor student’s conceptual clarity and practical skills


Multiple entry and exit options allowed based on National Education Policy

  • 1 year – Certificate
  • 2 year – Diploma programme
  • 3 year – Degree programme
  • 4 year – Honors programme


  • Identify, define and describe relevant aspects of a design problem (goals, objectives)
  • Solve progressively complex design problems
  • Apply the design process, including pre-design, schematic design and design development
  • Explore and iterate multiple ideas
  • Design original and creative solutions
  • Express ideas effectively through the use of drawings, design software and presentations
  • Demonstrate the ability to select and specify furniture, fixtures, equipment and finish materials in interior spaces
  • Translate the client's ideas and the professional holistic vision in a renovated space combining aesthetics, comfort and practicality


Understand the meaning and impact of design as it relates to human interaction, technology, theoretical frameworks, and interdisciplinary efforts.

Evaluate, select, synthesize and apply information and research findings to design solutions.

Interpret, evaluate and represent abstract concepts during all phases of the design process to indicate conditions, relationships, and requirements within the interior environment.

Explore and generate creative solutions via a systematic and coordinated design process that integrates functional and aesthetic concerns.

Convey intent in a professional manner appropriate to the audience.

Gain in-depth understanding of working with spaces, new technologies & overcoming challenges


Course Commencement

Module-Based Learning

We strive to make our programmes manageable by dividing it into modules for easy learning

Course Commencement

Curriculum Designed Like An Internship

Cutting-Edge curriculum to provide real-life business exposure to the students

Campus Network

Campus Network

Students are exposed to peers from diverse backgrounds, mentors of specific Subjects And Practitioners From Specialised Industry

Exposure to Industry

Exposure to Industry

Extensive Internships That Aim To Provide Hands-On Experience And Peoples Skills Leading To Market Readiness

Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects

Applying Theoretical Knowledge In Practice Makes A Student Confident And Professionally Independent

Industry Adoption

Opportunities to learn from the experts

Gain both successful and effective knowledge from the experts

Fashion Design

Prominent exhibitions & design platforms

Opportunities to showcase your work on the platform!

Incubation Support

Incubation Support

Our team acts as an incubation support system for all startups at various stages

JGiet Status

JGiet Status

Our doors are always open for the life long learner in you, with special advantage as a JGiet

Admission Process

Our Admission process enables us to meticulously give importance to every individual applying. The admission of the applicant will majorly be based on our admission process scores.