Course Commencement

Course Commencement

2022 Academic Year



4 Years

Scholarship Fee

Scholarship Fee

Up to 20% On Tuition Fees



Pass In 12th Grade

Any Stream

Bachelor of Design(Hons) - Fashion Design

Fashion Designing, an art of crafting customized apparel and lifestyle accessories is one of the highly creative and in-demand careers in the world. It is especially for those who love to study fashion trends, sketch designs and develop something new and creative in the world of vogue. One can create magic with shades, shapes, designs, cuts, and textiles. It is a promising profession that is creative, and at the same time, serves a high package in the glamorous industry.

JG University covets to enrich the fashion industry of India with dynamic and energetic force equipped with industry ready syllabi. B.Des - Bachelor in Fashion design is a four-year, eight semester program with an interdisciplinary approach. The course gives students the technical know-how, creative ability and business skills that they require to become professionals in the fashion industry. It takes students from conceptualizing and design processes leading to production of the final garment. Practical approach and projects based curriculum enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of fashion design. With a strong foundation in fashion illustrations, fabric science and a good eye for market trends, students are able to carve out their signature styles and identities through their collections.


Our Knowledge Partner

Amor Design Institute

Amor Design Institute was founded in the year 2000. It serves as a training center for Fashion Design, interior design and jewellery design streams. Amor Design Institute is an academic partner of JG University for Bachelor of Design(Hons) programme, which is designed to offer in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience through several carefully chiseled modules in each area of Fashion Design and Interior Design.

JG University and Amor Design Institute are jointly committed to boost the fashion and interior design industries with a dynamic and energising force that is outfitted with industry-ready curricula.



Course Commencement

Module-Based Learning

We strive to make our programmes manageable by dividing it into modules for easy learning

Course Commencement

Curriculum Designed Like an Internship

Cutting-Edge curriculum to provide real-life business exposure to the students.

Campus Network

Campus Network

Students Are Exposed To Peers From Diverse Backgrounds, Mentors Of Specific Subjects And Practitioners From Specialised Industry.

Exposure to Industry

Exposure to Industry

Extensive Internships That Aim To Provide Hands-On Experience And Peoples Skills Leading To Market Readiness.

Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects

Applying Theoretical Knowledge In Practice Makes A Student Confident And Professionally Independent

Industry Adoption

Opportunities to learn from the experts

Gain both successful and effective knowledge from the experts!

Fashion Design

Prominent exhibitions & design platforms

Opportunities to showcase your work on the platform!

Incubation Support

Incubation Support

Our team acts as an incubation support system for all startups at various stages

JGiet Status

JGiet Status

Our Doors Are Always Open For The Life Long Learner In You, With Special Advantage As A Jgiet


  • To promote an understanding of Fashion and Textile Design in relation to the needs of fashion, contractual furnishings, home textiles, and the business to business textile products
  • To provide hands-on experience using a set of complex technologies found in industry today to build prototypical solutions to solve current needs
  • To create an educational environment that approximates the actual conditions in industry by building studios and workshops containing state-of-the-art systems, resources, technologies, and a community of creativity and innovation
  • To develop strong multi-functional teamwork and communication skills using visual and verbal presentation assignments and interfaces with practitioners in the design community and the industry


Students will:

Adapt their artistics abilities to support their future design careers

Assess, propose, and apply various techniques related to drafting, draping, and constructing of garments.

Develop a systematic, critical approach to problem solving at all levels of the design process.

Relate the design process to the appropriate manufacturing process.

Demonstrate professionalism by managing time to meet deadlines with quality work and effectively collaborating in teams.

Research and relate fashion design to a broader socio economic, historical, and environmental context.

Articulate design ideas verbally, visually, and digitally.

Career Opportunities

  • Fashion illustrator
  • Fashion blogger
  • Fashion Influencer
  • Fashion stylist
  • Pattern cutter/grader
  • Fashion coordinator
  • Fashion journalist
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Fashion consultant
  • Retail manager
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Freelancer as a fashion designer

Admission Process

Our Admission process enables us to meticulously give importance to every individual applying. The admission of the applicant will majorly be based on our admission process scores.