Salient Features of Pedagogy at JG University

At JG UNI we believe that learning should be viewed as an organic process, while education is the necessary condition for learning to emerge and thrive. Just like a plant grows in a conducive environment, our effort must be to create an enabling atmosphere. Learning will follow.

This requires curricular design innovations. Students joining JG University for any degree must go through a compulsory two year foundation programme in the intellectual tradition of liberal studies. In doing so, certain salient features of the curriculum become important. They are manifested in the following:

Foundational Common Curriculum

The curriculum for the first two years is common for all the students (with some flexibility), aiming to employ all their mental Faculty, and helping students realize their true passions.

Assessment as a way of learning

For evaluation, the focus is on innovative methods for assessment, continuous feedback which allows for deepening of learning experience

Connecting with one’s own world

Exposure to wide diversity of global worldview and narratives, and contrasting them with local/Indian ways of thinking and doing, thus advancing the unique ideas of the ‘self.’

Working collaboratively

Thinking and acting is encouraged in groups and teams to allow for learning amongst peers

Academic and intellectual integrity

The choice of courses by students must exhibit their sincerity towards the field of inquiry, manifested in academic integrity, honesty and rigor

Interdisciplinary cohesion amongst subjects

Despite following seemingly disparate intellectual trails, these courses will talk to each other, thus allowing for a truly interdisciplinary experience

Undergraduate research

Students will be encouraged to develop original ideas and use diverse media to articulate their findings

Experiential learning

Enriching rural and industry immersion programmes that will unlock both emotional and cognitive sensibilities of the students

Building skills and capacity

Strong emphasis on learning outcomes geared towards a broad range of skills and capacity building in the first two years, while specialization in the last two.

Body and not just minds

Students engage in physical activities for a fit body, and also are able to do things by hand (do-it-yourself)