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The JG University Experience

At JG University, we bring arts and science together. We fuse creativity and logic, we mix intuition with rationality, we alloy emotions with analytics. We put poetry into math, and art into machines.
Most of all, everyone at JG UNI are on the path of becoming Whole Brain Change Makers.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Connect with, ideate and solve problems with students and faculty from a wide range of backgrounds.

Whole Brain Learning Pedagogy

A pedagogy that empowers learners to not only acquire future-proof technical skills but also mould themselves into creative thinkers.

Faculty from Academia & Industry

Get inspired by dynamic, brilliant scholars with vast academic knowledge and real world experience.

Immersive & Experiential Learning

Exposure to real-life projects for developing hands-on expertise.

Our Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

Nurturing your technical skill and creative ability core curriculum of our four year Bachelor Degree in Liberal Studies exposes you to a breadth of disciplines, including business and entrepreneurship, philosophy, media, humanities, and natural and social sciences. You’ll also have the opportunity to further hone your skills in a specific concentration area, which will build upon the core academic foundations of the curriculum.

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Postgraduate Programmes

Our comprehensive one year full-time Postgraduate Programmes enables you to learn skills that the workforce value the most. The Programmes prepares you for the reality of today’s workplace by competing to creatively solve real-world business problems using technology and will empower you with the skillset and the mindset that has been identified as being the most in-demand across all industries and functions globally.

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The JG UNI Advantage

A tech-enabled campus that empowers students to experiment and innovate the concepts of the future.

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Outstanding Faculty

They are the fountainheads that drive thought and action together with students.

Unique Programmes

To enable interdisciplinary thinking and problem-solving skills.

World-class Campus

The campus is a great blend of environment and technology that adds value to their studies.

International Exposure

To enrich our student's lives by various collaborations with universities around the world and wide-ranging programmes.

Industry Partnerships

With a strong industry-academia connect, involving students in real-life industry projects.

Research Environment

To research is the cornerstone, creating new thinking ways to advance societies.

Whole Brain Thinking at JG UNI

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Old frames of thought are disappearing faster than the new ones are emerging. Learning is now a discovery process, rather than a destination. And it is through these processes, that society distils new ways of thinking.

Problems are no longer the same. Old problems are calling for new solutions. It is no longer about what you learn. It’s all about how to learn, unlearn and relearn.

We need to combine the power and spark of left and right-brain. This is the Whole Brain approach as it understands problems through their complexity, and advances new ways to address them.

We do not promote disciplinary boundaries whatsoever. Students once enrolled, can study any subject they choose. In fact, students find solutions to complex problems of our society, following an interdisciplinary approach and work with faculty members and mentors.

The university keeps its doors always open keeping in mind the life long learner in us.

Come, be part of this journey.