Our Academicians

We are proud to host some of the most brilliant minds in the spheres of science, technology, humanities and arts. JG University constantly strives to onboard intellectuals, scholars, academicians, industry experts and thought leaders across the globe.

Our faculty members are professors of practice, bringing amazing ideas from the industrial world to the classroom.

At JG UNI, faculty collaboratively work with students on real-life projects, analysing, interpreting the challenges of the future, and deliberate and work to find plausible solutions. They aim to prepare students extensively, building a bridge to enter the chosen profession industry.

JG University is an interdisciplinary space; buzzing with ideas and energy. The intellectual fountainhead of it remains our faculty.


Dr N Ravichandran

Academic Advisory Board, JG University
Professor (Retired) IIM Ahmedabad,
Former Director IIM Indore

Dr N Ravichandran is the Chairman of the Academic Advisory Board at JG University. He is also a former, renowned Professor at Indian Institute of Management  Ahmedabad (IIMA) in the areas of Operation Management and Quantitative Techniques. A PhD holder from Indian Institute of Technology, Dr N Ravichandran was the Ex Director of the Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIMI) where he flagged the Five-year Integrated Management Programme.


Dr Indranil Mitra

Head & Dean of Emerging Technology
Member, Academic Advisory Board, JG University

Dr Indranil Mitra is an eminent Digital Scientist and a specialist in Cognitive Science, Data Science and Emerging Technologies. With 24.8 years of experience, Dr Mitra is an evangelist and SME in DARQ (Distributed ledges, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, Quantum computing). He has a vast knowledge about Digital 2.0 (Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Industrial Internet of Things, Cloud Robotics). Being a Specialist in Cognitive Science, Data Science and emerging technologies, he also offers expert solutions in Cross Business domain-specific Digital and Data Science. Dr Mitra was also associated with the Nomura Research Institute, Japan. Adding feathers to his professional hat, Dr Mitra has also flagged several social projects and two start-ups. At present, Dr Mitra is the Head & Dean of the Emerging Technology and member of the Academic Advisory Board at JG University.


Dr Yugank Goyal

Professor, Liberal Studies

Dr Yugank Goyal has earned his LL.M. and PhD in Law and Economics. As an Associate Professor of Economics and Law, his teaching interest subjects are Institutional Economics, Ethics, Law and Regulation. A promoter of Social Development, Dr Goyal has also worked as a consultant on rural development projects, associated with the West Bengal Government. He is a guide to young technology start-ups and has also rendered his services and knowledge to the Government and high educational institutions on various projects. In recent times, he has been a helping hand to build a school in one of the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh.


Dr Kavita Kshatriya

Professor, Management

Dr Kavita Kshatriya currently is a consultant at JG University. She was an esteemed Professor and the Head of Department of the IMBA Department, GLS University. Dr Kshatriya is also known to be a passionate educationist. She has a well-balanced approach with 18+years’ experience in Academic Management and 4+ years of expertise in Corporate Management.  Dr Kshatriya is a PhD in Management domain and has been a guide to several PhD students. She has published more than 40 research papers in reputed National and International Journals. Her areas of interest include Marketing and Human Resource verticals.


Mr Mayank Patel

Associate Professor FinTech & Financial Services

Mr Mayak Patel has 21+ years of experience in Banking, Financial Services, Technology Business Incubation and Academics. Mr Patel has also received the prestigious CFA Charter (Chartered Financial Analyst) by the CFA Institute, USA. He has also been a distinguished academician, his subjects of interest are Financial Markets, Asset Pricing, Behavioural Finance, Risk Management and Quantitative methods. His areas of expertise include FinTech, Investment Research, Corporate Finance and Financial Derivatives. Mr Patel has been an enthusiastic mentor to 50+ start-ups as the CEO of Centre for Advancing and Launching Enterprises, a technology business incubator hosted by EDII, Ahmedabad. He is a keen follower of geopolitics, political economy and development in education. At present, Mr Patel is an Associate Professor with JG University, Ahmedabad.